Listen to “MIH001: Business Goal Planning for a New Year” on Spreaker.

In this podcast, I share a few tips that can help you to plan for a brand new year.

Set goals by creating small action steps that are easily attainable.

You may need to refreshen your goals each year to bring in the new year with a fresh set of eyes.

Make your goals visible.

Place your goals in front of you where it is easy to see so that you don’t forget. I tend to use Evernote and sometimes sticky notes. Google Calendar is my best way to ensure that I don’t forget a thing.

Another way I keep my goals visible to me is to record my goals on my smartphone. Recording your goals can help boost your motivation, and actually works.

Gain accountability.

When you are goal-setting, don’t just stop there. You also want to make sure you have someone (or a group) of like-minded people who can help you get where you want to go and will hold you accountable. You can try finding masterminds in your group at, try starting one locally, or just find one online.

Assess your progress.

Check your blog or podcast stats, look at your progress and see if you have been meeting your goals. Evaluate your goals for the month. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but do make sure your goals are easily attainable and measurable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s podcast! Until next time…

Mompreneur Goal Setting