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Check out my first 5 tips for time management for female entrepreneurs in the previous episode.

In this episode, we’ll continue to unpack some tips for time management that will help you run your family life and business more successfully.

6.)  Invest time in organizing upfront.

You never know what you’ll need to stop in the middle of your work day to run an errand

  • Apps and sites for home management: Cozi, Ziplist, Once A Month Meals.
  • Crockpot cooking saves time for home management.
  • Get kids and family involved in chores.  Add chore charts and create systems to make cleaning and organizing around the house easier.
  • Schedule out time for running your business and meet with clients.

7.)  Break up your scenery.

It’s important to change your scenery to give yourself a break, get fresh air, or factor in some exercise time.

Female entrepreneur time management

8.)  Make time for family a priority.

Being 100% involved with your family is important for our family’s well-being. As female entrepreneurs, we oftentimes have a unique perspective on home-based business that differs from many other business owners.  Running your own business, building your own unique brand, and doing it from home bring a spin to your business and family life where creating boundaries is simply necessary to survive.

In the midst of setting boundaries, however, we still have to make family the #1 priority.

In this episode, I explain why I feel family is such an important aspect of running a successful business.  Business may come and go, but family is here to stay.

9.)  Set aside “you” time.

Whether it’s an aromatherapy bath, a date night, or time alone with a good book, figure out how you’ll get some “you” time.

You’ll be so glad you did!

10.)  Learn to say “no”.

Sometimes we have to say no even when we want to be involved in everything.  I have one of those personalities that love to soak up the energy from others- so although at times I’m a bit of an introvert, the extrovert in me gets moving when I’m part of a larger group.  It makes it that much harder for me to give up opportunities to socialize and say “no”.

Part of running a successful business and balancing family life is knowing when to say yes, but also when to say no.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode on time management.  Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

Thanks for listening!