What is Mompreneurs In Heels about?

Mompreneurs in Heels-Dee

We are mompreneurs (mom entrepreneurs) who wear all kinds of shoes: house slippers and fancy heels.

We wear many hats and play many roles for our family and our business.

We persevere to create a sustainable business while keeping our family values in tact the best we can.

We recognize that this is a labor of love and that we deserve to take care of ourselves: mind, body, and soul.

Hi, I’m Demetria, author, content creator, and podcast coach. I have served creative entrepreneurs around the globe since 2004. I’m multi-passionate and wear multiple hats (and heels!)

Over the years I’ve dabbled in a few other online ventures including web design, teaching at a private school,  and teaching preschool classes online. Years ago I began a homeschool blog and podcast that has also been a key part of my life this past decade. Today as a podcast coach I help women entrepreneurs launch and maintain heart-aligned podcasts.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for over 17 years while raising (and homeschooling) my daughters. I understand the juggle, the balance (or lack of it!) while building a profitable business online and maintaining that family stays first.

My goal is to encourage you in your entrepreneurial journey. I and my guests are not perfect, but we will encourage you the best we can that you, Mompreneur, can do this!

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