Let’s be honest: business life is not quite the same ball game for female entrepreneurs with home based businesses. In addition to keeping up with the latest in our field, working with clients, producing products, and wearing the marketing and management hats, we also have to keep our families cooperatively working along beside us as our home team.

In this episode, I share some key time management tips for female entepreneurs.

1.)  Set goals.

Write out your goals a week or a day ahead of time.  Use productivity software such as Evernote, Google Drive, or a good old fashioned notebook to help you stay on top of your game.

2.)Be sure to have a business plan in place.

Without a business plan, goal-planning can’t happen. In the future I’ll be creating a quick and easy business plan resource just for mompreneurs with online businesses.

3.)Be an early-riser or a night owl.

Take your pick- but if you’re balancing family life and business, you’ll most likely try to catch a few extra hours of work in the late night hours or in the early a.m.

4.) Prioritize.

While making your goals, don’t forge to prioritize.  Devote certain times throughout your day just for writing or blogging, creating video footage, podcasting, and working with clients and other projects.  

Block off time in your schedule for social media networking such as commenting on other blogs, tweeting, and checking in on Google+ discussion groups.

5.) Set boundaries.

If you’re a mompreneur, you’ll know how tough this part is with kids undertow. Work at certain, specific hours of the day. Work in blocked times or structured hours -if possible- for maximum concentration and productivity.

With a list of goals it will be easier to be on “ready-set-go” mode once you’ve entered your work zone hours. Another idea is to have a devoted office space set up, if possible.

In our home, our signal is: when the door is closed completely, that means “mom is in a meeting – come back later”.  If the door is slightly ajar: “knock and enter quietly”.  And finally, when the door is wide open: “Come on in, family!”

Do you have any time management tips that help you run your business while balancing family life?  Leave me a comment- I’d love to hear from you!

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