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Being a blogger means you need to find your tribe.  What is a tribe?  Your tribe is your network of followers: viewers, listeners, readers, that love you and what you offer. So yes, you have to know who your tribe is and get them on board with you!  But, just how do you go about doing that?

Find your tribe through social networking. You’ll want to find like-minded peeps by checking in at social media groups and working those groups until you’ve gotten to know the people.  I run two completely different niche blogs. So, in order to find my niche audiences, I have to go where they are. For me, that results in a lot of time spent on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.  I am also finding success with Pinterest and attempting to resurrect my Twitter.  One of the best ways to find your tribe is to figure out where they are and go hang out with them.  It’s only through socializing with your tribe that you’ll get to know them better and figure out what their needs are.  This leads me to my next point:

Find your tribe by listening to them. [tweetthis]Find your tribe by listening to them.[/tweetthis]Your tribe wants to feel heard. If you spend your time where they congregate you’ll begin to hear their needs loudly and clearly.  You’ll hear their complaints, their questions, their problems.  You’ll figure out quickly what their needs are and get ready to serve them in a phenomenal way.  You listen by congregating and connecting.  Drop in and say hi to someone on Youtube and leave a comment on their video.  See what folks are discussing on Instagram.  What seems to be the greatest needs of your tribe as you listen to their questions on Facebook groups?  Really listen to their problems and understand that you may very well have the solutions they’ve been waiting on.

Best ways to find your tribe

Find your tribe by offering solutions.

What kinds of questions are others in your niche offering to their tribe similar to yours?  Go read their blog posts to see some possible solutions based on theirs and gather some ideas for your own solutions.  What can you offer to your own tribe that will solve their problems?  This is what sets you apart from the others! When you have solutions to offer, you’ll begin attracting your best audience…and you will find your tribe!