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Have you ever wondered if you need a virtual assistant, or do you know someone who would love to find out more about how to become a VA?

In this interview, I chat with Alyssa Avant, who has been a virtual assistant since 2007.

We talk about:

  • Alyssa’s journey into entrepreneurship
  • A bit of advice about patience in the business journey.  It doesn’t happen overnight.
  • An explanation of what a virtual assistant is and does.
  • An overview of the specific services Alyssa offers: website (WordPress) design, creating autoresponder series and opt-in sales pages,  telesummits, setup and monitoring of live webinars, and helping authors get their books on Kindle.  Alyssa has a niche based on working with coaches, authors, and speakers and helps with a variety of tasks, including telesummit and teleseminar administration.
  • Some of her favorite aspects of her VA business.
  • The kind of preparation a solopreneur should think through when looking to hire a VA.
  • Alyssa’s training program for VA’s -to-be:
  • How she received the majority of her clients through networking online.
  • Tips on setting boundaries as a mompreneur.
  • Using tools such as Boomerang to schedule emails for later.
Why every business needs a virtual assistant- interview with Alysssa Avant

How to reach Alyssa

Visit her VA website at:

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