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If there is anything a mompreneur needs, it’s a balanced life.  More than a thriving business, there needs to be order in your work life and in your home life.  Together, all your worlds come together to create a unified lifestyle for you.  That’s why it’s super important to figure out how to pull together a balanced life that will give you the kind of life you want to live: one of productivity and freedom.

What it takes to have a balanced life

There are 4 essential keys that I believe every mom in business needs to develop for life balance.  They all work together to ensure a streamlined approach to life.  If you get off kilter on one aspect, other aspects tend to suffer. So, here they are:

Keys to a balanced mompreneur life

Assess Your Priorities

In order to have a truly balanced life, the first thing you’ve got to do is get those priorities in order.  You need to know what they are and then order them according to their importance in your life.  Personally, my faith in God keeps me strong and is the #1 leading factor in all that I do.  I need prayer and meditation.  I need alone time with God.  My days are ordered by the initial establishment of devotions at the beginning of my day.  Anything I do beyond my God-time is an extra cushion in my day that I can be eternally grateful for…but I need to have God-time.  Next for me is taking care of myself.  I have to eat healthily, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and exercise daily.  Then I factor in my time with family.  Our family’s goals and priorities and lifestyle are all included. Lastly, my business falls around all of these priorities.

When you establish a basic set of priorities for your life in business, you’ll begin to find balance happening for you.

Develop Routines

Once you’ve established your priorities, developing routines is next.  Based on your priorities, you can now create a general lifestyle – the lifestyle that you want.  Begin creating schedules, routines, and systems that work for you in business.  Figure out your best times to create content, and hash them out quickly.  Figure out when it’s best for you to work with clients and fit this time around your general family life and goals.  Develop routines that work for you and your family.  And don’t forget to be flexible.

Stay Consistent

More than anything, you’ve got to keep consistency.  Try to keep your routines going on a regular basis.  If you know you’ll have some lag time and will need a bit of time off from work and blogging (because life happens), create systems that will give you content to spread out on your blog and newsletters for weeks or months in advance.  Do some pre-batch scheduling if that works for you.  At any rate, try to do the same things each day around the same time until you have a general groove going.

Stay Grateful

An attitude of gratitude does a lot for you mentally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.  Your business will reap the results of your gratefulness.  If you just simply reach out to say “thank you” to someone, life suddenly gets better.  Thank your clients and customers.  Thank your family for their support.  Thank yourself for being willing to serve.  And last, but not least, in order to have a fully balanced life in business, you should celebrate your successes.

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