My last podcast episode gave you 5 surefire reasons to start a podcast.

In this podcast, I’m sharing 4 more reasons why you should start podcasting.

Capitalize on the power of audio.  

Audio is still a learning style of preference for so many people.  With nearly 70 percent of smartphone users listening to music on their phones (according to a report by Paradigm Sample), you have a wide-open opportunity for a potential audience of listeners who are only one click away from downloading your podcast- music or not.

Women are busy, and listening to something while you’re busy doing something else, like washing the dishes or driving your kids around town is an optimal way to make good use of your time.  We multitask to get things done.

(Raise your hand if you know this to be true!)  In fact, you’re probably doing something else right now while listening to this- like maybe balancing your checkbook, or checking your email.

Let’s face it: multitasking is the key to getting so much done with so little time available.

Listening to audio is still a favorite for many people.  With the availability of audiobooks, it’s never been easier to download the audio to our portable mp3 devices and smartphones so that we can enjoy listening to our favorite content while on the go.

Just think: if smartphone users are prone to listen to music or news or audiobooks on their devices, it’s a pretty good guess on my part that downloading a podcast is only one step away.

You’ll encounter new opportunities and possibilities as a result of your podcast.

With a podcast, you’re more likely to be invited as a guest speaker on another podcast or other venue, speak with guest interviewees you wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to, develop business relationships and even form lucrative contracts had it not been for your podcast.

Somehow just having a podcast puts you in a category that allows people to step back and assess your content on a deeper level.

You make more meaningful connections as your listeners engage with your voice and connect your podcast with your blog and other projects.  For this reason, I think there is a certain level of respect you might ascertain as a result of owning a podcast, and many times it could lead to open doors and opportunities for your business.

Generate more leads back to your website through your podcast.

It’s no secret that Podcasts tend to rank high in Google, or at least they do now in 2014 and I suspect it will be that way for some time. It never hurts to have content that Google loves which in turn brings more of your ideal customers to your website.

Also, never underestimate the power of audio.

As your listeners hear you mention key recommendations, they’re more likely to trust you, as opposed to someone they’ve never heard.  Not only will you generate more leads but expect leads to turn to conversions more often than not as a result of your messages via podcast.

Build a loyal, bigger audience.

Finally, podcasting will not only add to your audience, making it larger but will bring you the loyal listenership that again proves beneficial for your business.  If you want customers who trust you, tap into the power of the audio message, begin a podcast, and see if that won’t make a difference for your business.

Have you begun podcasting for your business?  If not, what’s holding you back? Let me know and I’ll be glad to help you get started.