We know how important it is to set goals for our business. Mompreneurs, we know what to do.  We just oftentimes have trouble following through on the “do” part of the equation (myself included!)

3 things successful mompreneurs will do in her business

There are 3 things I’ve noticed that successful people in their businesses overall.

  1. Successful people set goals.
  2. Successful people are consistent
  3. Successful people are relentless

So, in the spirit of hopping right into things, the let’s talk about what each of these three things mean:

Successful people set goals.

It’s not enough to have a dream or a desire.  We have to go after it and actually chase it.  We have to set a goal, then figure out a path to get us where we want to be.  Success is a process and it takes planning.

For me, that means planning out my block scheduling for the week. It means overcoming mom overwhelm and creating systems in order to work around my family.

Successful people are consistent.

In order to be successful at our goals, however, we can’t just stop shy of planning.  Now comes the hard part: getting to work!

Grinding is hard work, my friend.  And the hardest part of all is remaining consistent. If I start a new project, then quit, I’m not consistent.  This will, of course, show up in the lack of fruit of my labors. No labor, no fruit.  No labor, no pay. (Preaching to myself here!)

When we show up for the task, we’ve eliminated half the hard work already.  Simply showing up again and again with consistency proves that we are on the way to succeeding at our goals.

I know this is hard for mompreneurs because we just are so busy. We can’t help it- we wear all the hats (and shoes!) and it’s so easy to drop the ball on what’s not right in front of us. But if we can develop systems to remain consistent we’ll be helped tremendously.

Successful people are relentless

Don’t give up, ladies!  Be relentless by not caving in to the fears of not succeeding.  Being relentless means you sink your teeth into your project and you don’t give up until you see results.

Be fearless!  You can do this. Are you on your way to success?  Do you feel like you’re moving in the right direction with your business goals, consistency, and relentlessness?   Leave a note and let me know how you feel. Resources mentioned in this podcast:

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