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Have you gone to the doctor and been told your labs are “normal” but you still feel like crap?

If you’ve been tired and sick, but don’t understand why, there are ways you can find out how to elevate your health through the power of self-healing. Today’s guest, Lauren Nelson, shares how we can begin understanding our own bodies so that we can better take care of ourselves, our families, and our business. She teaches us how to read our own blood work and look out for some key markers in our blood test that could answer why we are feeling the way we do.

Lauren is a  health consultant, blood work specialist,  and MBSR™ practitioner- a traditional naturopath specializing in blood work. She became a blood work specialist after years of dealing with her own health issues and doctors just telling her she was “healthy” and to lower her stress.

She owns Medella Healing and has helped hundreds of clients get answers to their health struggles by teaching them how to transform their “normal” labs into answers, hope, and healing.

Lauren Nelson, Medella Healing

What Lauren and I talked about

It’s always nice to know how other mompreneurs got started and what motivated them to get where they are today.

Lauren shares her self-healing story, and how she became interested in becoming a health consultant and naturopath.

Through her own journey of illness (and helping her own mother), plus learning prevention methods and protocols, she was able to begin passing this knowledge on to others.

The importance of moms in business taking care of ourselves on a daily basis (and not just during checkups)

It’s not enough simply to visit the doctor once a year. We must make constant assessments about how our bodies are feeling and take action when we feel that something is “off”.

Why it’s important for women to listen to our own bodies and be able to read our own labwork, and how Lauren helps us to do that

Lauren’s protocols for helping her clients include showing us how to self-regulate by checking our own blood work and learning how to read it. She strengthens her clients’ healing process by empowering them to read their own data and make health decisions for themselves.

A few of her challenges as well as successes of running a virtual business.

One of Lauren’s challenges is the idea I like to call “changing heels”. We have to change shoes (or hats) to fit the situation. Sometimes she needs to wear her accounting hat, and other times she is entrenched in the meditative work of helping to heal a client. They are both equally important tasks, but very different.

I truly enjoyed talking to Lauren and hope that you enjoyed the show!

Lauren’s Programs

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