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In this episode, I have 5 surefire reasons you should start a podcast!  I absolutely love podcasting and began creating podcasting courses in 2006 for women entrepreneurs.  I feel every business should utilize all the digital technologies to your business advantage.

I’ll talk about:

  • my experiences with podcasting success
  • and why podcasting is one of the most versatile ways to increase your tribe
  • how podcasting takes into consideration different learning modes
  • how podcasting adds to the value of your blog copy
  • the importance of syndicating your content and providing your content in a variety of methods: adding diversity to your platform through social media, video marketing, as well as podcasting
  • how podcasting helps you ease into public speaking
  • why I think podcasting trumps video marketing
  • with over 450 million blogs, subscribing to podcasts has become easier with the onslaught of smartphones.

Why podcast?

My personal experience with podcasting success:

I quickly increased my blog readership by 30% within 2 months upon starting the podcast and by 125% in 4 weeks as a result of one podcast interview with a well-known guest in my niche.

Why podcast?

Here are even more reasons you should start a podcast.

Also, services like Audio Acrobat might work for you (at $20/month.)  Just go at your own pace, and utilize the tools you have at your disposal if you want to begin on a budget.  

Better yet, if you can afford to invest in better equipment, take a look at Cliff’s equipment packages for an idea of what type of setup you might want to invest in.


More reasons to start a podcast…

  • You will reach your target audience, build your tribe, and grow your brand with a podcast.
  • Podcasting helps you to establish your authority and expertise on a niche topic.
  • You will reach more mobile-device owners with your message as a result of podcasting.

(A larger percentage of my listeners stick around for 15-30 minutes. Podcasting is GREAT for blog stickiness. The average blog receives between 5-10 minutes or less of reading time.)

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