My last blog post dealt with goal-setting.  But in this post, I’m going to jump right into a topic that will help you go from setting goals to putting your online marketing strategies into action.

How podcasting helped me

Back in 2005, when I began my first podcast, I didn’t realize the full benefits of what podcasting would do for my business until months later.  I quickly woke up to the fact that podcasting was doing so much for me, such as:

  • increasing my business leads
  • gaining the loyalty and trust of my listeners
  • building my fan base, and
  • increasing my income.

I wasn’t turning back.  Podcasting was hot back then for a reason!

But…sadly, podcasting took a downward turn around 2009-ish and many devoted podcasters (myself included-having started 6 of them) decided to pull away from the podcasting scene for a while.

Thus, the death of podcasting was looming and many of us found other ways to strategize our businesses.  Instead, we turned to content marketing and video.

Podcasting is back!

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but podcasting came back with a vengeance recently- and once again, it’s HOT.

If you missed it the first time around, you can’t miss it now, because it’s even better than the original, first-generation version.

Why podcasting is better today

This time, creating a podcast has quite a few more benefits than it did circa 2005.

For one, smartphones weren’t as prevalent back then.  Nowadays everyone is downloading media to their phones and tablets.

Secondly, podcasts are not as confusing any longer. Today, nearly everyone can tell you what a podcast is. And if they can’t explain it, they at least know that there’s some content out there in an audio format that they could easily download to their device, which is essentially all they need to know.

Why it’s important to you

What you need to know as a business owner is how important this aspect of online marketing can be for your strategy.  You simply have to take advantage.

All it really takes is time, and depending on how much quality you want for your shows you could start up for free and expand as your podcast grows.  But no more excuses.  You can do this! 

My next podcast episode will be about the reasons podcasting is hot (and why you-the internet-based entrepreneur-need to tap into this mode of connecting, branding, and increasing your business.)

I’m leaving you with just a little taste so you’ll want to hear more on the podcast!

To your web success!