Podcast Coaching & Consulting

I can help you achieve your podcast production goals through a variety of methods. These are just a few things you will learn during your coaching sessions with me.

I know how exciting it is to want to get your voice and your message out their to your potential customers. But sometimes navigating the world of technical lingo and figuring out how to piece together your podcast episodes every week can be a challenge.

That’s why I’m here to help.

I’ve been coaching podcast clients and helping brands produce their podcasts since 2006 and I would be glad to help you do the same. I currently offer both podcast coaching and technical consulting. This means I’ll either teach you to run your podcast or I’ll go behind the scenes and polish up, edit, and upload your podcasts for you.

Podcast Coaching

I can help you achieve your podcast production goals through a variety of methods. These are just a few things you will learn during your coaching sessions with me.

For each session, we’ll meet via web conference and will discuss the scope of your knowledge on podcasting and determine the depth of our program before we begin.

Coaching session includes:

  • Help you create scripts for your show.

  • Assist you with show formatting- showing you how to layout your episodes from start to finish.
  • Help you with podcast episode ideas and generating content.

  • Help you locate potential interviewees.

  • Give you advice on equipment set up and techniques for recording.

  • Show you how to edit,  mix down your final high quality mp3 recording, upload to your media server, and distribute if you prefer to edit on your own.

  • Give you tips on how to distribute and promote your podcast via Itunes and other media outlets.


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Podcast Consulting

If you’d rather not learn the ropes yourself and just need to hire out the techie work behind piecing together your shows, editing, and uploading- I’m happy to be your assistant.

Currently I offer the following podcast consulting services:

Podcast Editing Service Package

Send me your royalty free music, professional voiceover, intro and outro, plus your recorded show, and I will piece it together to form your podcast show.

  • Editing audio for a quality podcast.  For example, I will edit out noticeable mistakes that you indicate (like long pauses, cough/sneeze, word-stumbling). The ultimate goal is to ensure a smooth and seamless conversation so that you don’t notice where the audio has been edited.  I may also optimize the levels so that if your interviewee’s voice is too loud or soft, you both have an similar audio level.  This may include vocal balancing and compression, noise reduction and hiss removal.
  • Mixing in intros and outros, music bumpers, or commercials
  • Converting to quality MP3 file
  • Tagging your Mp3 file with ID3 tags
  • Adding title, and SEO tags
  • Final MP3 delivered to your Dropbox
  • One podcast episode per week, up to 60 minutes audio length


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Intros and Outros+ Music Background- A La Carte

I will produce a light voiceover introducing your branded podcast with any royalty free music you provide.


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Podcast Website Configuration and Directory submissions- A La Carte

This service includes ->

  • Installing and configuring the Blubrry Powerpress plugin (or other plugins as needed)
  • Configuring Libsyn or Blubrry hosting
  • Set up a podcast page on your site
  • Setup and optimization of your RSS feed and subscription links on your podcast page
  • Submission of your feed and album art to iTunes and Stitcher


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Album Art- A La Carte

I will create your podcast banner (and known as album art) for submission to Itunes.  Send me your brand color preferences, a picture or image plus wording to be used on the cover, and I’ll take care of creating your album art and submitting it to directories.


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Show Notes Creation- A La Carte

This is an extensive service where I listen thoroughly to your episode and write/set up your show notes in WordPress according to your episode content- focusing on your overall topics covered. I create your show notes being sure to add  keyword-focused titles, descriptions and summary content. I will include any stock photos you provide.  This service includes keyword-rich metadata, formatting, and overall editing for spelling and punctuation. (Service is for up to a one-hour show. Rates are prorated by the half-hour).


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Podcast Power Package

Your first two episodes sets the pace for your podcast.  Additionally, many directories (such as Itunes) will not accept your podcast listing unless you have at least two recorded episodes.

In the Podcast Power Package, I’ve included full podcasting service of everything listed above for consulting of your first two episodes.  This could take many hours depending on how much editing needs to be completed. You will also receive half an hour of coaching and will only be billed one, flat fee.


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If you have any questions, please contact me.  I look forward to assisting with your podcast needs.

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