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This show is a mixture of business advice, inspiration, encouragement, and interviews with moms in business who have been there, done that. We’re here to help.

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MIH 035:5 Ways To Brand Your Blog

Listen to "035:5 Ways To Brand Your Blog" on Spreaker. How do you brand your blog? Do you sometimes ever ask yourself just why you're blogging?  Blogging for the sake of it isn't worth your time, but if you have goals and strategies in place to allow your blog to...

MIH 034:Can I change my blog topic?

Listen to "034:Can I change my blog topic?" on Spreaker.Are bloggers allowed to change their minds?  That's what this post (and podcast) is all about: changing your blog topic. So, you began a blog on one topic but you're growing and stretching your boundaries and now...

MIH 030:Finding Your Passion In Business

Listen to "030:Finding Your Passion In Business" on Spreaker. If there's anything moms in business (aka- "mompreneurs") needs, it's finding your passion in business. Forget your blogging routines, your Wordpress theme and template, hosting, and any other foundational...

MIH 029:5 ways to grow your blog on a budget

Listen to "029:5 ways to grow your blog on a budget" on Spreaker. Grow your blog! Let's face it, not everyone has a spare $50-$800 to place in Facebook ads.  And when you're just beginning to build and grow your blog, you won't initially have sponsors, nor a huge...

MIH 028:4 Keys To A Balanced Life

Listen to "028:4 Keys To A Balanced Life" on Spreaker. If there is anything a mompreneur needs, it's a balanced life.  More than a thriving business, there needs to be order in your work life and in your home life.  Together, all your worlds come together to create a...

Thank you, Mompreneur Media!

I have to give a shout out to Nicole Orozco of Mompreneur Media, who nominated me as one of the Top 50 Mompreneurs to Follow in 2014. Thank you!!! You know why I find this particularly exciting? Because mompreneurs are a unique crowd, and I'm honored to be among them....

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