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Business challenges are inevitable, but no fear. Mompreneurs have a way of maneuvering through all that life throws at us and overcoming even the toughest of challenges.

Since I love covering topics on blogging, I thought I would focus this post on business challenges pertaining to blogging in particular.

Creating routines.

This is one of my rinse-and-repeat topics that I continue to cover but creating routines is just that important.  A major challenge to a mompreneur who makes most of her money blogging online is actually finding the time, then creating routines that help her to make blogging happen.  Since I’ve already hashed this topic out quite a bit, I’ll just simply link back to my post called Mompreneurs Are Consistent.  There’s a video there too if you want to take a look.

Finding the time.

how to overcome business challenges

This is major but is probably even more important than creating routines.  If you just can’t seem to squeeze in the time to blog it might seem less important to create a routine, don’t you think? Finding the time is a “little” problem every mom in business has to navigate.  My advice to you is only the same advice I take for myself: evaluate your life routines at regular intervals (weekly even!) and do an analysis of how your time is being spent.  Change, tweak, and rearrange until you are able to find the time to accomplish what you need to.

Sometimes you’ll need to get up earlier and sometimes you’ll need to go to bed later.  You may need to cut out some activities from your life. Do what needs to be done in order to get where you need to go.

Finding the money.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”, we often hear people say. And though that may be true, it’s also quite possible to accomplish a lot on a shoestring budget.  You’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish on a budget.

Realistically, you’ll want to build up your business to the point where you’ll soon be able to invest more into it.  But for starters, please don’t feel overwhelmed by the thought of needing to borrow money. There are so many amazing resources and tools that are free, including blogging platforms, plugins, and mailing list providers that you literally can start a lucrative blog for free.  Well, almost free.  The one thing you do have to spend is your time.

Getting past negativity

How about negative comments on your blog posts, or worst, unsupportive friends and relatives who don’t understand what you do in business?  How do you get past this?

One of the most important things to remember when running your business is that regardless of those who are not on your side, there are plenty of folks out there who are either neutral or want to be on your team.  The hard part is initially getting past all the negativity. If you can figure out how to wade past the negative people and circumstances, you would have overcome a large portion of your business challenges.

Figure out what’s important to you and go for it.  Don’t look to the right or to the left, just keep moving and pressing forward.  Receive support from those who are on your team and build up yourself by surrounding yourself with positive supporters.  Join support groups and find new friends if you have to!


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