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As mompreneurs, our main goal many times is to work. We keep pushing forward when we’re tired, we throw in the towel at midnight and then wake up bright and early to do it all over again.  We win at life only because we don’t give up working.  

But you know, sometimes, we just need to focus on rest.  More than anything, you probably feel the need to work harder and longer hours.  You can probably think of a billion things you need to do in order to prepare your business for the start of a new year.  

Despite the busy season, how can you assure rest?  How can you make sure you’re giving yourself the gift of rest during the holiday season?

3 Ways Mompreneurs Can Find Rest During the Holiday Season

Give your clients a heads up.

If you’ve been neck-deep in the trenches for your clients in the past months, now’s the time to let your clients know that throughout the holidays you’ll be easing up on your work a bit.  

They can expect to hear less from you for a few weeks as you spend time with family or just recuperating on your own terms.  Let them know your availability and how much you are limiting that.  Giving them a heads-up is always helpful so that you don’t set up unnecessary expectations.

Start delegating.

One constant struggle that I have is delegation, but I force myself to do it.  I realize that without extra hands on deck I will inevitably fail at my vision.  Many hands make work lighter.  

Now that the holidays are here, I’ve already determined that I need some major family-focus time as we make memories together- and I can’t possibly balance family and work without extra help to accomplish my work during the holidays.  If I want time off, I’ve got to get extra help.

As many of you know, I don’t currently have a full-time VA.  I’ve had several people ask me this and offer their services, but I just haven’t taken the time to go down that route.  However, I do hire a lot of independent freelancers for one-time projects at places like Fiverr.  

So, in the upcoming days and weeks, I’ll be handing off many more of my projects, such as graphics and book formatting so that I can take off some additional time to focus on my main passion for me, which is blogging.  I’ll also be setting up my blog posts for a few weeks out so that the rest of December is completely mine to enjoy!  Once again, that’s the beauty of batch scheduling.

Mompreneur Rest Over the Holidays

Plan Self-Care

As moms, in general, it’s in our nature to give, give, and give some more.  We bend over backward for our kids and spouse.  We go out of our way to volunteer in the community and over and above the call of duty to help our clients in extra special ways.  Sometimes we undercharge, overcommit, and many times feel underserved.

All that said, we deserve to care for ourselves.  We deserve to be pampered- and not just once in a while, but on a regular basis.

I encourage you this holiday season to go out of your way to do something extra special for yourself.  

Allow for time to be by yourself.  Book a sitter or leave while the kids are at school or with your spouse or a friend, and just go for a walk.  

Go to the park.  Go to the mall.  Go to a restaurant.  Go to a movie.  

Choose whatever makes you happy, but the main thing is just to go be by yourself for a while.

You could even book a massage with a group of friends.  Book a mani/pedi at a nearby salon.  Join a Girls’ Night Out.  

Spend money on yourself sometimes.  Purchase that favorite blouse you’ve been eyeballing for a few weeks now.  Invest in a nice perfume set you’ve been wanting.  Buy yourself a set of earrings or that tech gadget you’ve always wanted.  

This holiday season I want you to remind yourself that although we should be thinking of ways to say thank you to others, that you should thank yourself too.  It’s okay to pamper yourself, and you can be regular about it, too!  You deserve it.

I hope that you find the rest during the holiday season that you need!