Concerning  mompreneur balance, I was recently asked this question:

How do you- as a busy mom- manage to balance your time?  How do you do it all?

My short answer:

  1. I don’t do it all.
  2. I honestly think it’s all about easing into it during those seasons of our lives where it works.

Here is my long and more personalized answer:

Mompreneur Balance

Three years ago I could not have done any of this (which is why I took some time off for a few years).  I honestly had to ease into this lifestyle, and I really never know for how long I’ll be able to keep things up at this pace- but it works today. If I add another baby to the mix anytime soon, this will definitely change!! 🙂
I’ll admit that most of what I do is on autopilot, and I do a good bit of planning up front (such as my tweets, facebook posts, google plus, pinterest.)
Some things are random- but most are planned which makes it easy for me to keep up.

And I think the most important things are passion and commitment.  It’s easier to step up our game when we’re passionate about taking things to the next level. Passion easily converts to commitment.

I do think, though, that commitment is the hardest part of it- because no matter how passionate we are, we have to carve out the time to plan and follow through, and it’s tough with kids and parenting, marriage, and life in general.
It’s been a juggling act for me this past year until I finally figured out a routine that means for our family- we stay home more often. We have one extracurricular per child each week and that’s all about all I can take to keep sane. We had to figure out what works for our family so that I’m a happy mama and wife- which leads to more successes on the business front.
And I think most moms will say the same: it’s not easy and it definitely is a juggling act.  But I will be the first to tell you- blogging should come last on the list of priorities.  Kids, hubby, and ministry come first always.
I couldn’t do this without my husband’s support- he is behind me 100% and gives me the space I need to go forward with blogging- and I couldn’t do it without the cooperation of my kids while I’m filming videos or crafting a new post.  It’s definitely a family effort.
Balance is the key.  when I’m finished making that video I’ve got to get on the floor and play LIFE with my oldest daughter, watch one of her funny YouTube clips she discovered, or get my nails painted.  I’ve got to play shopkeeper with my youngest daughter.  We spend time together- playing, baking, watching old classics like the Andy Griffith Show.  When my hubby comes home, he gets the first hello and kiss and we talk about his day- so blogging and everything related goes on HOLD until he’s busy or winding down for the night, dinner is cooked, dishes washed and put away, kids tucked in for the night.
 There are home priorities to keep, but somehow- miraculously- we find the time to blog just one more post right before we hit the pillow or early in the morning before the kids are awake.  You know how it is 🙂
And there’s the long of it- my heartfelt answer to a heartfelt question about managing time as a mompreneur.
How about you?  How do you balance your time between family and work at home? Let me know in the comments!