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Welcome to episode 63!

Have you been wondering about what it means to start your Instagram marketing without the overwhelm? On this show, my guest Anjum Bhandari and I chat just about that!

Who is Anjum?

Anjum is a corporate escapee turned entrepreneur. She used to dread mornings and going into her office daily at her corporate job until the day she quit her job to become her own boss. She has been earning from Instagram with less than 500 followers although she started with 0 followers. The difference between her and other online coaches is that she believes in simplicity and doing what you love. Anjum believes that Instagram marketing should be fun and easy.

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How Anjum got her start in online business

  • We discussed how Anjum left her corporate job to find something she loves instead- in social media. She began as more of a generalist and with time and through trial and error, she found her niche in Instagram.

What are some big content marketing mistakes entrepreneurs are making today?

Instagram has changed so much with reels and video marketing, and entrepreneurs need to adapt to the changes.

Find your zone of comfort, and begin to adapt to the new changes.

Also, don’t focus too much on metrics (likes, comments, etc.) because “numbers don’t pay your bills”. Look at sales and leads. Your content plan should be in alignment with your overall business goals.

What are some beginning steps in getting started on Instagram?

Anjum recommends that we start with an Instagram content plan. Decide on the number of content pieces we want to post per week, then divide it into the types of posts (reels, carousels, static posts).

Now with your plan, choose the styles that are comfortable with you (talking head, lip syncing, dancing) -whatever is comfortable.

Next, create a schedule for batch filming, and then a separate time for batch editing for your captions.

How do we cut through the noise of social media and make an impact in our business?

  • Be yourself! That is your unique selling point even if there are many others in the same niche. There is enough audience for everyone, so cater to those who are attracted to you.

What is your biggest piece of advice for newbies?

Don’t overthink the process, just jump into it! Just go ahead and hit the “share” button. Don’t aim for perfection, but aim for consistency.

How to reach Anjum

Reach Anjum and find out more about her 1:1 coaching program and other Instagram services at

Follow Anjum on Instagram @anjumbhandari

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