How to create an ebook

Work at home moms- you’re busy, I know (believe me, I relate to the hustle and bustle of your life)! But you have great product ideas for your biz and one of those is that e-book you’ve been wanting to write forever.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I’ve been able to crank out a few e-books over the  past 8 years that I hope will help you.

How To Create an Ebook

Gather an outline for your topic.

Make sure you’re not all over the board with ideas.  Your ebook should have a specific purpose to solve a particular problem or meet an overall goal.  Remember, it’s better to be too narrow than too vague.  You can always save additional subtopics for another ebook!

Schedule out your writing.

Divide your outline into manageable chunks and plop these chunks right onto your calendar.  If you have eight chapters in your book idea and you figure you can find time to write twice a week, maybe you can complete 1-2 chapters per week.  At this rate you’ll be finished between 4-8 weeks from now!

Don’t procrastinate.

Get on it right away.  Just let your fingers flow and start typing your thoughts on the topic.  Before long you’ll have one paragraph, then two, and …you get the point.  No one says a chapter has to be exactly 10 pages.  Make your sections the length you feel quantifies what you are trying to get across.  Don’t let the idea of having 7 more chapters to go looming ahead of you keep you from writing the one chapter in front of you.  You can do it!

Remember your audience.

Remember  who you’re writing for and stick with it. If you have a passion for your readers, they’ll feel it in your writing, so write from your heart.

Proofread, edit, add graphics and table of contents.

Use Microsoft Word or a similar program to write your ebook.  Add a cover page with title and a beautiful cover image (which you can have your virtual assistant do for you or head over to fiverr), and add a title page with copyright info.  Add page numbers and your name and URL  in the footer section for each page.  For eye-catching images for your book find royalty free stock photos at places like


I use Adobe Acrobat Professional for this one, but here’s a quick and easy way to create your PDF document in Microsoft Word.

Simply go to: File->Save as Adobe PDF.


If your ebook is a free download, upload to your hosting and provide the link for your subscribers.  If it’s a paid product, services like e-junkie make it more convenient to distribute digital products.  You can also simply use Paypal as your shopping cart preference. Password protected sites are also a great way to ensure encryption on ebooks.    If you want to reach a wider audience, you’ll need to employ some social media methods to get the word out!  Try your Facebook or Google+ connections, Pinterest and Twitter.  A world I have yet to explore is Amazon Kindle, but it’s definitely worth exploring.

That’s all for now!  

Has this tutorial been helpful to you?  I sure hope so!  I hope you’re encouraged to move forward in publishing your ebooks!  Leave me comments- I’d love to hear from you.


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