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Welcome to episode 62!

Our guest and I chat about all things entrepreneurship. If you’ve been thinking about starting a freelance writing business you’ll want to listen to this interview as our friend, Melissa Meyer, will have some advice for us.

Who is Melissa Meyer?

At the tender age of eight, Melissa knew she wanted to grow up to be two things – a mom and a
writer. It was a long 30-year journey to realize those childhood dreams. Melissa is now a freelance writer for small businesses and female entrepreneurs. She loves helping women by taking content writing off their already-too-full plates. Her happy place is at her desk writing web content, blog posts, and case studies. When she’s not crafting fun and relevant messages for clients, she keeps busy cherishing her family. Melissa left the corporate world to start her business so she could be home with her kids. She named her business, Bets and Ben Creative, after them. Melissa and her husband live in Wisconsin, raising their 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son.

Melissa Meyer, Bets and Ben Creative

How Melissa got started and her services

  • We discussed how she got started in freelance writing- starting out with office jobs offering admin support and assistance full-time. She left her job after she was unable to work remotely due to company policy changes and decided to come home as a full-time work-at-home mom, taking a leap of faith to begin her writing business.
  • Some of the services she provides are: writing “about” pages for women in business (because it can be difficult to write about ourselves), and writing web copy and content. She loves to help women who help people by taking it off their plates.

How her “late” start was perfect

Sometimes our journey of entrepreneurship takes longer than we would like. Melissa shares her “late” start into motherhood and how she took her time in starting her business which initially began as a hobby.

The comparison game is lethal, but Melissa encourages us: “Your journey is your journey, no matter how long it takes.”

She also encourages us that it’s never to late to start over, no matter how far you are in your motherhood journey.

Avoid comparisons and imposter syndrome

Sometimes we might wonder who will actually buy our products and services, but we have to realize that there are many people who need us. Just have confidence in what you do.

Tips on balancing motherhood with business

  • Make a small (not a long!) priority list of things to do so that you set yourself up for success and not for failure
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with goals, but set goals that you can control
  • Balancing means being kind to yourself, and giving yourself some grace
  • Create systems for home and business

Melissa’s Services

Pick up a copy of her copywriting tips, and reach her by visiting her website at

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