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Are bloggers allowed to change their minds?  That’s what this post (and podcast) is all about: changing your blog topic.

So, you began a blog on one topic but you’re growing and stretching your boundaries and now you’d like to switch topics and begin blogging about something else entirely. What do you do?

Give yourself permission to grow and change.

First off, every blogger I know has started off on one tangent and grown to include new topics in her lineup with time.  It’s okay to change – blog topic included- so let’s go ahead and accept the inevitability of change.  If you’re not growing and transitioning, blogging can get stale.  You want to grow and stretch yourself.  You want your blog to grow with you.  This means, adding new topics to your repertoire and retiring old topics that no longer light your fire.  But there is just one thing you need to make sure of before you do anything…

Determine your new blogging goals before you make a move.

Without solid goals in place, you may find yourself wanting to cover every blog topic under the sun.  I’m a babbler and I enjoy talking about almost everything.  When it comes to blogging, however, I can’t afford to allow a niche blog to have so many varying topics that my readers don’t know what I’m really blogging about.  I need to stay focused and stay on topic.  If I set goals before I make any sudden moves to change up my blog, I can determine if adding new topics to my blog is worth confusing my readers.  Maybe they will, instead, be quite forgiving and follow me where the wind takes me.  For that, I have to know my audience.  So, my advice to you is to figure out what your blogging goals are and make it clear to yourself and to your readers what you’re truly blogging about.  If you want to make some major changes, though, you can always start a new blog.

Change my Blog Topic?

Start a new blog.

Yes, starting a new blog is hard work. But if you feel like you have a new subset of topics you’re just itching to blog about and your current blog is not the best platform for these new topics, then your best bet is to start brand new and fresh.  You can always invite your current blog readers to follow you on the second blog and if they’re interested you should still receive a following there. In my experience, new blogs take a lot more time and energy to develop because you’ve already put in the time and effort to build up blog #1 and your readership knows you there.  It can take some time to win them over to blog#2, so keep that in mind.

In conclusion, it is okay to change your mind.  If you want to add new topics that have nothing to do with your current blog, you can always start a new one.

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