An essential business strategy tip before we move into content creation is to discover your purpose! Your blogging purpose is the reason you’re blogging, the reason your online business will become successful, the reason you feel motivated to blog or podcast or create videos.  Here are some business strategy and self-motivating steps that will help you get going in the right direction for discovering your purpose as a blogger:


Discover your God-given gifts and talents.

I truly believe that everybody has a gifting, a unique calling, and a purpose in life. And I also believe that some way, somehow, you can turn that calling into cash.  Call me an optimist, but I choose to see the glass half full.  In today’s online culture,  it is not difficult to find opportunities to capitalize on your passion and unique offerings in this world.

Craft your voice.

Be yourself and nobody else.  Emulating others will get you no where.  It’s always nice to know what your “competition” is up to, but don’t let a competitive nature consume you and cause you to overlook your own unique calling to the world.

You have a place that is like no one else’s- a special gifting that can only be done the way only you can do it.  Do your thing, and do it well!

In the process of finding your purpose you’ll find that that your voice is going to be different than any other business- and your unique slant will be just the missing piece to your industry that’s needed.  At least that’s the way I hope you’ll see it. Develop your own brand identity and a USP (unique selling point), and own it.

Know your niche market and target audience well.

If you focus on serving your niche market, you will know their fears, their needs, and their questions.  You’ll be positioned to solve their problems and help them.  This requires a little research up front, but it is research well worth the time and effort.  By finding out more about your audience you will further develop your purpose- the reason you started your blog in the first place.  You’ll enhance your desire to continue down your business path and realize exactly what you are doing, for whom, and why.

Have you been using this essential business strategy tip in developing your business plan online?  Have you taken time to discover your purpose before you began your blog?  Let me know your thoughts.

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