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How do you brand your blog?

Do you sometimes ever ask yourself just why you’re blogging?  Blogging for the sake of it isn’t worth your time, but if you have goals and strategies in place to allow your blog to build your brand, that’s when blogging is worth it.  Here are 5 ways you can establish your brand with a blog.

Write an ebook.

Let’s face it- writing a book is a credible feat. If you’ve ever written a book, you know what I mean. Not only is it a huge accomplishment, but in the blogging world, it sets your brand apart from others and gives you a certain amount of credibility that may not have been as easy for you otherwise.  Writing a book establishes your expertise on a topic and is an incredible way to build your brand. Just to show you I’m doing this as well, you can check out my latest book in Amazon that has been helpful in building up my brand.

Start a podcast.

A podcast not only sets you up as an expert in your field but allows your listeners to feel engaged with you. When listeners hear your voice they begin connecting with you on a more personal level.  The beauty of this is that your brand should have a personal touch, and that’s exactly what happens when you podcast: your brand begins to have a personal touch.

Create a video channel

Just like with podcasting, videos establish a personal touch with your tribe, and perhaps even more so than a podcast since your viewers can actually see you. Watching your facial expressions, your demeanor, and all that you add with your personality brings a personal touch to your brand that can happen most effectively with video content.  There is so much you can do with a video channel such as YouTube or Vimeo that will make engaging with your prospects and clients a fun experience.

How to Brand Your Blog

Book speaking engagements (or live workshops and webinars)

If videos and audio keep you engaged with your audience, speaking engagements really engage you. You are face to face with your audience (or voice to voice if you’re in a live audio workshop).  Whether you meet in person at a conference or you meet online in a webinar, there is nothing quite like that personal touch that can be delivered through speaking engagements.  It’s like an extra layer added to what podcasting and pre-recorded video gives your brand: that extra layer of personalization that leads to trust.  A webinar is usually the next best thing to seeing you live and in person. Your tribe can hear you, see you, reach out and shake your hand, or even give you a hug when face to face. A virtual handshake through a webinar is not such a bad idea either. Webinars also give the added benefit of employing what I like to call relationship marketing techniques.  Subscription boxes or squeeze pages can dial in more customers during and after a webinar and can help you grow your tribe and brand your blog.

Get plugged into social media

Social media is a given in today’s online marketing world.  We use it to connect and communicate. To most effectively brand your blog using social media, you need to pick a few platforms you’re most comfortable with and begin a campaign of staying current with updates.  Keep Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media you’ve chosen up to date with your latest blog posts.  Be sure to brand each of your channels and profiles to match your blog.  In other words, be sure you are well represented graphically. Include your company logo and tag lines and use a professional profile pic.  Most of all, use the social media platforms that you enjoy using the most. You’ll find yourself the most authentic on those channels if you simply enjoy them.