I am so giddy right now that I can’t contain myself.  I finally finished- in completion, in its fullest- my very first Amazon-published ebook! It’s entitled Mompreneurs In Heels: A Guide To Passionate, Purposeful Blogging.

That might not seem like such a big deal if you’ve already published books on Amazon before- but it’s my first, and I am head over “heels”.  (Get it?)

I wrote this book in hopes that I could help take you from mom-with-a-dream to mompreneur.  I give you the ins and outs of blogging, starting with the foundation of building your blog and ending with the daily blogging routines that bring you money.  In the book I also cover a bit of balancing family life.

I’m breaking my blogging rules today by not giving you a longer blog post filled with juicy, helpful tidbits of business info.  Today I’m announcing and celebrating. Today I’m smiling and feeling pretty awesome that I accomplished something I’ve been working on for over a year. I encourage you to do the same if you have unmet goals. I’m here for you.

You can purchase the book for $3.99. I set the price pretty low for starters because I want to give you a head start on saying “yes” to achieving your entrepreneur dreams.  For the price of a frappucino, you can get a head start on your blogging endeavors and get the help and motivation you need to get started.


 $9.99 on Amazon.

If you purchase, please leave a review on Amazon, and let me know how it’s helped you.  I’ll be in touch again shortly for more tips on making your life easier as a mompreneur!


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