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This week’s podcast is about showing gratefulness to those around you and being thankful ultimately.  I’ve added both a podcast and a video for your convenience.

Also, since I’m so grateful for you, I’ve decided to run a giveaway for my book- so keep scrolling to the end for more details!

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My Thanksgiving Message To Mompreneurs…

Keep in touch with your subscribers to show gratitude.

Sometimes our subscribers just want to hear from us- so I’ve found that a great way to show our gratitude as bloggers is to keep in touch.  All it takes is a simple email every few weeks (or every week!) depending on how often your subscribers want to hear from you. Just taking time to chat with them in a newsletter lets them know that you are thinking of them and want to keep in touch.

Be grateful that you can give back.

Giveaways and freebies are things your subscribers will love you for.  It means you care about their needs and you’re finding ways to meet those needs by providing them materials, content, or downloads that they can use to help them out in their daily lives.

I think this is probably one of the best ways you can give and show love to your list and to show your gratitude for an online business.  Loving on your tribe is the way to go.  Know what you need to do to stay connected by giving back, and you will be remembered.

how to be a grateful mompreneur

Be grateful that you can love on your family.

Your family sets aside time to allow you to work.  They are giving you the grace to get work done for the family.  You are also teaching your children to respect the work you contribute to society.  Most of all, you are also showing them that they come first even when you have outside commitments.

These valuable life lessons are crucial to your kids and healthy for your family. When you love on your kids and husband and work your blogging life around them, you are showing gratitude for your family. Your kids are watching and they see the kind of mom you are. Believe me, this will go down on the records!

Show gratitude by loving your family and keeping them first.

You can always be grateful for the opportunity to do what you do around the family.

Be grateful that you can take care of yourself.

You only have one you.  Taking care of yourself- mind, body, and spirit is so important.  If you are doing this, be grateful.  You are a small percentage of mompreneurs that are properly taking care of themselves to the fullest.  If you are not, get started right away so that you can be the best you possible.

Be grateful for what you have achieved so far.

Most of all, be grateful for the things in life that you have already achieved.  You are definitely going somewhere, but success doesn’t happen overnight.  You need to work for it just like everyone else.  We all do.

But don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t succeed at your goals in six months.  It takes time to get where you want to go in life.

Be grateful for what you have achieved so far and consider it a blessing.  Keep moving forward and you will eventually land where you need to be.

Thankfulness is key.

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