Listen to “MIH011:The Importance of Google Plus For Entrepreneurs with Jimmie Lanley” on Spreaker.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jimmie Lanley and speaking with her about social media and her experiences as an entrepreneur and her appreciation of Google plus.

Who is Jimmie?

Jimmie Lanley co-owns a social media business, iHomeschool Network, that connects bloggers with each other in a supportive environment and connects bloggers to companies in mutually beneficial projects. She started 2014 with a radical decision for someone in the homeschool niche– abandoning her Facebook business page with over 10,000 likes. Instead, she and her network are investing where they see long-term results: weekly G+ Hangouts on Air, podcasting, Pinterest, and YouTube. You can connect with Jimmie on Google Plus or learn more about her professional services at

What we talked about

  • We start off the show with an icebreaker.  One of Jimmie’s favorite quotes is by Zig Ziglar.:

“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.”

  • How Jimmie got started in online business.  Jimmie is the mom of one teenage daughter.  She got started in social media as a blogger which she believes has helped to consult with other businesses in social media.

Jimmie shares a few Google Plus nuts and bolts 

  • Jimmie has over 44,000 followers on Google Plus!  We talked about the different reasons Jimmie is attracted to this platform- including privacy, idea-centeredness
  • What is Google authorship? Taking advantage of your introduction section on Google Plus+ is optimal.
  • We talked about some of the benefits of entrepreneurs using Google Plus.
  • The shelf life of Google Plus postings compared to other social media platforms.
  • What are Google Plus circles?
  • How can Google Plus help a business with online networking?
  • Jimmie also shares some tips on conducting and attending Google hangouts.

Jimmie shares about her business

  • One of Jimmie’s business challenges: work is seasonal for Jimmie’s business in a type of ‘feast or famine’ way. She also spoke about the discouraging aspect of having to convince companies of their need for her services.  Through this challenge, she found that inbound marketing and content marketing has been much more helpful to her in bringing clients to her business who are already convinced that they need her services.
  • Jimmie’s favorite aspect of your business: she enjoys working one on one with clients. She also enjoys managing  Google Plus pages for clients.
  • Jimmie’s inspiration that motivates and keeps her going with business is bottom line: making money. 🙂  She also has figured out a system to take care of herself and make time for her family and friends.
  • Words of encouragement/advice for solopreneurs: Get outside of your comfort zone, and just go for it!

How to reach Jimmie

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