Welcome to my very first episode of the Web Success Strategies Podcast!

The reason I’m excited is because I’m starting my year off by following through with some goals that I’ve been setting for myself over the past few months.  Finally, I am able to see my vision realized through this blog- and that is such an incredible feeling.

This podcast episode is all about forming business goals that stick.  Let’s make 2014 a year to remember!

  1. Refresh your goals list.  Cross off old goals.  Bring in the new.
  2. Make your goals visible.  Use post it notes.  Try using the Evernote app. Google drive and calendar are also great ways to put your goals in front of you visually.
  3. Repeat your goals out loud to yourself.  Using a voice recorder often helps.  Plus, this practice may lead you into podcasting- which I highly recommend!
  4. Gain accountability.  Make sure you surround yourself with like-minded people who can pull you up rather than bring you down.
  5. Assess your progress.  Have a meeting with yourself and check your results.

Are you meeting your goals?  

Let’s make 2014 a  year of moving forward into taking those small action steps which lead to greater rewards.

Did you enjoy this first episode of Web Success Strategies?

I’d love to hear from you.  Tell me what you think. What topics would you like to hear about in future podcasts?  I have some great show ideas lined up for you, but I would still love to hear your thoughts.

I hope this show has been helpful to you.

To your web success!




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