MIH 042:Branding, Life, & Business with Stephanie Ciccarelli of Voices.com

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On this podcast I am super excited to bring to you an awesome guest and mompreneur, Stephanie Ciccarelli!

Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Voices.com and has contributed content to such publications as The Huffington Post, Backstage Magazine, and Upvoted, and her company has been written about in the LA Times, New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Stephanie is also the author of Voice Acting for Dummies and has been listed on the PROFIT Magazine’s 2013, 2015, and 2016 W100 lists, a ranking of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs.

What is Voices.com?

Voices.com is an online marketplace that connects people who need to get a voiceover recorded with talent that can record for them.  Over 200,000 clients and 200,000 talent are connected on their platform.

Just a bit about her background: Stephanie grew up surrounded by music- involved in world-renowned choirs, and attended a school that was music-focused.  She found her career path through finding her voice.

What does the voiceover talent landscape look like today?

People come from various backgrounds and industries and are bringing their voices to the platform.  If you are a voice artist who has a background in a niche area, you could record projects related to your industry.

What are some ways actors can transition into voiceover more smoothly and to break into the market?

The answer is pretty simple: it really boils down to your ability to read well aloud and picture an audience of one (rather than many), then delivering your message as a believable expert.

How can women begin the process of branding their own business?

Get to know yourself before you start developing the brand.  You are the brand since the business is an extension of yourself.

Also, finding out your personality type can be helpful in building your brand.  You can use a number of different tests tools such as Myers-Briggs,  The Disc Method,  and Social Styles to discover your unique personality type. It’s important to understand how you are a part of your brand and getting to know your own personality can be quite helpful in this process.

Some other key factors you should know when developing your brand are:

  • what drives you
  • what your values are
  • and how you want others to perceive you

On family life and business balance…

Stephanie Ciccarelli agrees that it’s important to keep family first. Within her company, her husband is the CEO and she is the Chief Brand Officer.  They have found ways to keep family life afloat even amidst her travels, by securing needed help and building business around family obligations.

In the beginning, Stephanie was working from home and as her business evolved and the kids grew older she found herself in a different season.  Important points to note are:

  • We should acknowledge that there are seasons in life when we won’t be able to focus so much on business.
  • There are also seasons when we need to push a little more energy into our business to get things moving.

Stephanie talks about the three different circles we tend to live in and how it’s a balancing act to keep those circles from touching each other so that we don’t allow different aspects of our lives to spill into one another.

An example: keeping business separate from family life and remembering that home is home, not the boardroom.

How does Stephanie see her business as part of her purpose?

Voices.com is way to give people a chance to create their own stories and to have a voice. She believes she was meant to use her voice, and she took the guided steps necessary to get where she is today.  By stepping in faith, Stephanie is able to use Voices.com as a connecting tool to bring people together all over the world.

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.  Zig Ziglar

A business essentially exists to solve a problem. Voices.com gives people tools to help them deliver their message. 

How to reach Stephanie:

Twitter: @stephciccarelli

Stephanie’s Instagram

Purchase her book: Voice Acting for Dummies

Voices.com on Facebook

Voices.com on LinkedIn

Voices.com on YouTube

Voices.com on Instagram

And, of course, visit: Voices.com

I truly enjoyed speaking with Stephanie today!  Thanks for listening in and let me know your thoughts. How are you branding your business as an extension of yourself?  How are you balancing family and business?

MIH 020:Why Branding is a Must for Women Business Owners -with Donna Marie Johnson

Listen to “020:Why Branding is a Must for Christian Women Business Owners -with Donna Marie Johnson” on Spreaker.

Who is Donna Marie?

Donna Marie Johnson uses over 18 years of marketing strategy expertise to help Christian Women Leaders learn and use wiser strategies and make more money in business.  She is known as The Love-Infused Marketing and Graphics Strategist. She has hosted the Market Like A Queen Podcast for over two years. She will hold the next annual Market Like A Queen Conference in December.

Our podcast conversation

Donna Marie’s favorite quote is from Genesis 12:2-3.
God has made us gifts unto the world- a thought-provoking idea that we do what we do as business women owners because we are called.

How she got started in business

Donna’s been supporting Christian women business owners for over 18 years. She became an online marketer by helping a local women’s shelter. After her introduction into the online marketing world, her business was completely transformed.  From there, she began learning more and training others.

Types of workshops and training Donna offers

Donna Marie offers training workshops on email marketing and YouTube branding at ClubE Atlanta. Also, at AuthorDonnaMarie.com, you can click for updates and receive her free Market Like A Queen YouTube Branding Guide.

What are some of the greatest needs  of women in business?

Donna’s answer:

 To have wisely instructed and correctly implemented email marketing strategies.

The reasons many women in business and mompreneurs don’t integrate email marketing strategies:

  • don’t have time
  • don’t have the expertise
  • don’t want to do it

There’s more to being an online diva than having an online presence.  Email marketing strategy is important because we need to build relationships.  Donna has email marketing training programs to assist with this.

How important is it for a woman business owner to stand out and create a brand of her own?

Branding needs to be similar across the board, starting with the company website (home base). It’s important to have a professional header designed (you can even use Fiverr) and carry the same brand over to YouTube and your email marketing.

Also, your brand surpasses your logo. Showing your face in your marketing materials allows others to make a personal connection with you.

Donna Marie shares with us what constitutes a strong brand. It’s about being right where you need to be and doing what God has called you to do. Here are her tips:

  • Have your overall business vision clearly written out.  Template example: I am ______.  I have been doing _______ for ___ years.  I serve ______ type of clients/customer who struggle with ________ types of problems.  I help them get _______ types of results so they can eventually reach _______ types of goals.
  • If you are seeking mentorship through Score.org, you can get great advice, be sure you have a strong vision of your calling first. Write down your vision.

Some of the challenges Donna Marie has had in business

  • Knowing how to present herself/brand herself presented a challenge.
  • Not continuing to build her brand while building a separate with others.
  • Deciding whether or not to delete her contacts on Facebook and begin again.

She now feels she is operating from a greater place of faith in her business.  She is not burning herself out working hard, and success comes when it comes. Because she’s not focused on being online 24/7 she has more space to be involved locally with her business.

Tips on balancing business while making time for yourself, your family, and your friends

  • She sets up a seasonal schedule.
  • Builds things into her business that shows love and forethought, and still sets boundaries around it.

Balance, boundaries, wisdom are very important for women entrepreneurs.

Some of her favorite aspects of business Donna Marie enjoys the most and what keeps her motivated

  • Knowing she’s part of God’s family and His gifting to this world keeps her moving forward. She knows she’s on the right path she’s supposed to be on.
  • Knowing that despite past mistakes, God is her CEO and she can move forward in faith.

How you can reach Donna 

–>http://www.authordonnamarie.com/– to sign up for her newsletter

–>Listen to and subscribe to the Market Like A Queen Podcast

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